Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can we get started?

Depending on the scope of the project, there is typically a four week waiting period from deposit payment to your project start date. The good news is that gives you plenty of time to do your homework and prepare for the branding process.

Do you create media kits, ebooks, marketing decks, etc.?

Absolutely! You can see some examples of past collateral design here and here. These items are typically billed out at an hourly investment of $175/hr unless it is ongoing work in which case we can definitely discuss a retainer option! Contact me to find out more information about these types of designs and add ons!

Do you offer payment plans?

ABSOLUTELY! When I send your initial invoice you will have the option to either pay it in full or pay via monthly installment depending on whatever works better for your budget. Depending on the size and scope of your project I offer 3, 4 or 5 month payment plan options. Just remember that final payment must be received before any design files are delivered or your site goes live!

How do you manage my project?

I am a huge HUUUGE fan of Asana and use it to manage all of my projects from start to finish. When your project kicks off, you will be invited to a private board (don't worry - it's free!) that is specific to you and your project where you will be able to be kept up to date of the status of your project in real time. 



How much time does a project typically take?

Each project is unique and as such timelines will differ depending on the number of pages, type of website, whether it is an ecommerce or membership site, etc. That being said, the following is a rough estimate for each stage of the project: Branding (2-3 weeks), Web Design (8-12 week), Collateral Design (depends on the scope)

What do you need from me to get started?

Once your contract is signed and your initial invoice is paid, we will schedule a design strategy session where you will be assigned your first piece of homework consisting of your Pinterest assignment as well as filling out a branding questionnaire. These will count as your official project start pieces and your timeline will begin from there.

Do I get any revisions throughout the process?

Yes, you have two chances for revisions built into the timeline. If you need extra revisions, that’s totally allowed, we will just discuss the revisions prior to implementing them to see if any additional fee needs to be added to the project. 

What platform do you use to build my website?

You are able to pick your platform of choice (Wordpress, Showit 5, Shopify or Squarespace)! During our discovery call, we will go through the needs of your project (are you selling products, creating a membership site, running a blog, etc.) and I will offer you my platform suggestion based on that conversation. If you already have a platform in mind or we are giving a current site a facelift, we will discuss that as well!

What if I need something smaller designed?

If the Bespoke Experience is outside of your budget, I can definitely offer you something on a smaller scale and with a lower budget amount. I can create long form, single page websites that are a great option for businesses just starting out! You can see a couple of examples here and here. Contact me to discuss this option and get a custom quote!

What kind of businesses do you work with?

I specialize in working with online entrepreneurs who are looking to share their story online in service of others. This means I work with Coaches, Bloggers (Food, Yoga, Wellness), Authors, Speakers, Artists, Digital Influencers, Registered Dietitians, Chefs, Therapists, Lawyers and basically *anyone* building a brand online.

What are your office hours?

I am in the studio Monday – Thursday between 9am – 3pm PST and by appointment only on Friday between 9am and noon PST. Saturday I am typically working on client projects but not available via email and Sunday I reserve for family time only. I am big on finding harmony between my personal and professional life but do my best to be readily available during these times.

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